Teaching: BA (Hons) Popular Music and BA (Hons) Community Practices and Arts Network

Popular Songwriting L5 and L6 (BA (Hons) in Popular Music)

I taught and was Unit Leader on the L5 and L6 Popular songwriting units of the BA (Hons) Popular Music degree.

  • Topics taught: Multiculturalism and race in a British Context, Disco and Queer Studies, Hip Hop, Urbanism and Black Consciousness, Pop and Female representation: Black Feminism, Post Modernism, Intertextuality: Kanye West, Bourdieu, Baudrillard and Foucault
  • I was responsible for course delivery and design.

BA (Hons) Community Practices and Arts Network

For all teaching documents, see here.


Golden Music Awards: (2012)

  • As part of our Faculty Centenary 2012 celebrations, I organised The Golden Music Awards, which were designed to showcase the best songwriting talent from L6 Popular songwriting.
  • The finalists were profiled on local radio with the winner obtaining a cash prize, inclusion on a local radio station’s play rotation and a gig at a local band venue.

For more information, see here.

Research and Degree Supervision

Please click, here.

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